Why You Should Consider a Breast Revision in Glenview

Many women are of the misconception that they should go in for a breast revision only if their initial breast augmentation procedure resulted in undesirable outcomes. However, there are many cosmetic and medical reasons for you to consider breast revision in Glenview. Body By Bloch in Glenview, IL is a reliable treatment provider offering each patient a warm and personalized focus to achieve their desired their goals

Ruptured Or Deflated Implants

Many patients can go their entire life without having any problems with their implants. However, manufacturers do state that breast implants – both saline and silicone are not meant to last a lifetime. Trauma can cause these device shells to rupture or deflate and even result in a leakage of content. Additionally, with age, you might notice slight softness and reduced resilience. In such situations, it becomes necessary that you opt for breast revision in Glenview. Silicone implants are less fragile than saline as they often maintain their shape even after damage. In the event of a damaging condition, your saline implants might lose their shape making it necessary for you to visit a surgeon quickly.

Capsular Contracture

This condition pertains to internal scar tissues hardening and contracting around a breast implant in the form of a capsule. This can result in painful breasts that might appear stiff. It can also deform your implants and make them appear hard. Other symptoms pertaining to capsular contracture involve a pain when you flex your chest. These symptoms are generally slow in showing. However, whenever you feel these symptoms, it is important that you immediately consult a surgeon to receive a breast revision procedure.

Mal-Positioned Implants

Surgeries for breast revision in Glenview are most commonly performed due to mal-positioning. A malposition can occur because of improper placements or internal movement of implants after the surgery. It can result in breasts that appear too high, too low, too far apart or too close together. In each situation, it will become necessary for you to get them placed right by a surgery.

Wrinkling Or Rippling Effect On Breasts

Rippling is a condition that appears during the initial recovery phase on the outside of breasts or near the cleavage. This can occur due to poor tissue coverage or improper filling of the breast implant. A revised surgery needs to be performed to place your implants differently in order to reduce or remove rippling.

Size Does Matter

You might have consulted with your surgeon countless times about the size of implants. However, even after careful consideration, you might feel dissatisfied with the final outcome. In such situations, it is necessary that you wait for at least 6 months before going in for a revised surgery. Often, implants take some time to settle into their final position.

Time For An Upgrade

If you received implants a few years ago, then chances are that there are better and more advanced devices available in the market. Implants are medical devices and are continuously upgraded with better variants entering the market almost every year. You can derive a lot of benefits such as added comfort and an enhanced appearance by getting new implants through breast revision in Glenview.

Getting a Breast Revision in Glenview

If you want to learn more about breast revision in Glenview call Body By Bloch in Glenview, IL and make your appointment today.

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