Who Can Benefit From A Breast Revision In Glenview?

If you have had a breast augmentation in the past and are now unhappy or concerned about the implants, then you should consider visiting Body By Bloch for a breast revision in Glenview. Dr. Steven Bloch is a renowned plastic surgeon in the Chicago metropolitan area and is committed to easing your worries with a breast revision.

But before you visit Dr. Bloch, you should first determine if a breast revision in Glenview is right for you.

What Is Breast Revision?

Not to be confused with breast reduction, a breast revision is a corrective plastic surgery procedure in which problems, concerns, or dissatisfaction with a previous breast augmentation is corrected. A breast revision is simply a revision of a previous breast surgery, sometimes to correct shape lapses that occur over time or sometimes to replace implants.

A breast revision can do many things, including correcting the shape of the breast, the type of implant, the symmetry of the previous surgery, or damage to the implant. A breast revision can also mean removing implants altogether.

Candidates for a Breast Revision in Glenview

If you are interested in a breast revision in Glenview, then you should first determine if you are a candidate for the procedure. Similarly to other plastic surgeries, a breast revision’s ideal candidate is at a healthy weight, is a non-smoke, and is not currently pregnant or breastfeeding. However, unlike other plastic surgeries, a breast revision also requires that you have had a previous breast augmentation procedure.

Reasons for Breast Revision

Women undergo breast revision for various reasons. Sometimes, the cause for a breast revision is a recent diagnosis of breast cancer. Other times, women who underwent breast augmentation in their youth might want to reduce the size of their implants as they age.

Generally, women who consider breast revision fall into two categories:

If either or both of these statements are true, then breast revision might be the right procedure for you. So long as you have realistic expectation of what plastic surgery can accomplish, then a breast revision in Glenview at Body By Bloch might be your best bet for correcting a previous breast augmentation.

No matter the reason, all women seeking breast revision have a valid right to undergo this corrective procedure. Whether you’ve simply changed your mind or have a medical concern, breast revision is worth serious consideration. Contact the experts at Body By Bloch to learn more about breast revision in Glenview, IL to schedule your initial consultation! We proudly serve Illinois with locations in Glenview and Highland Park.

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