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What Is Liposonix?

Liposonix is a modern non-invasive method for removing unwanted fat in the human body. It is the result of huge investment in research and development bringing in changes in how people appear. The treatment normally tackles the mean, unappealing layers of human fat under the abdomen. Many people undertake rigorous exercise in the gym, but this area of fat is difficult to shift. Even change of diet seems not to help.

This technique offers direct and results that can be seen on the difficult to tackle fatty areas without undergoing any surgery or operation.

What makes Liposonix Different?

This technique of fat treatment is different to other fat and skin treatment procedures. The procedure is completely non-invasive. This simple implies that no surgical instruments are inserted into the human or any incisions made during the whole procedure of treatment. This feature is unique and beneficial in using Liposonix. Other benefits offered include;

  1. There is no need for any bed recovery time
  2. The treatment doesn’t take a lot of time. Normally, it takes 30-60 minutes for the complete abdomen skin area.
  3. There is no need for any infusion of wetting solutions
  4. There are few side effects and small discomfort during the treatment

How does this procedure work?

The method employs advanced modern ultrasound technology to decrease fat layers called adipose tissue. When there is high-intensity ultrasound energy, it brings thermos-coagulation of the adipose tissue. The effect is that the fat layers are melted together. The technique hits only the targeted areas without causing any damages to other surrounding skin or tissues. The target area is the adipose tissue only.

When the procedure has been completed, the patient’s body undergoes a natural inflammatory response. The adipose cells disrupted are then treated as foreign objects, are engulfed and subsequently removed from the body. This results in less fat in the body area.

Do side effects arise?

The Liposonix technique has been designed to ensure the safety of the patient. There are over 100 controlled pre-clinical & clinical studies which it has been put through to guarantee safety and show evidence of the aesthetic impacts. The method is non-invasive and pain-free to the patient involved. Side effects of the procedure are minimal.

The method is painless. However, patients may encounter mild discomfort shortly after the session.

The results that you can expect

The Liposonix procedure has been designed to appeal to people with BMI less than 30. But it is not meant to replace the most invasive technique liposuction.

The results are very impressive, and can be seen in less than three months after undergoing the treatment. The abdomen area sees a marked reduction in bulk and fat as well as around the hips and belly. To schedule a consultation with Skin Deep Medical Spa click here.

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