Volumnize That Rear End – Come in for a Brazilian Butt Lift

A Brazilian butt lift can be very helpful in reshaping and resizing your rear end to give you a more proportionate and beautiful look.


A Brazilian butt lift is a surgical procedure that is designed to augment the buttocks. During the procedure, your doctor will use liposuction to collect fat from various parts of the body. He will then insert this harvested fat into the buttocks and the outer hips to give it a full shape.

The procedure is ideal for women who want to address various problems, including:

• Sagging skin in the buttocks area
• Asymmetry
• lack of volume in the buttocks

Many people choose the Brazilian butt lift technique due to its organic approach rather than going for a butt implant surgery to reshape and resize their butts. Since the procedure is done using one’s own fat, the chance of any surgical difficulties occurring are reduced.


Like most other procedures, the BBL also has certain conditions that interested patients will have to meet in order to undergo the procedure. To be considered a good candidate, you have to:

• Be in good general health and be free of any underlying health conditions such as heart, lung, or neurological disorders.

• Have an appropriate amount of fat that can be harvested from other parts of your body, which includes the abdomen, back, or thighs.

• Be near your ideal weight and be capable of maintaining that weight.

• Be ready to follow any pre-operative and post-operative instructions given to you.

In case you don’t have the fat needed in the designated areas, your doctor might advise you to gain some weight before surgery. The doctor might recommend a change in diet, after which the doctor might project a timeline for the surgery.

Once the fat cells are harvested from the body, some will be eliminated during the cleansing process, but the remaining fat will be purified and ready for injection into the buttocks. However, it’s important for people to know that the newly injected fat cells behave similar to the fat in the body and are prone to weight gain and reduction. Hence, it is recommended that in order to have long term results, you need to maintain your body weight after the procedure is completed.


The Brazilian butt lift procedure is performed specifically to address your unique dimensions so that the butt looks proportionate to your body. Sometimes patients are asked to gain weight if they don’t have the fat required to get the desired results. Your surgeon may choose from different surgical techniques to perform the surgery, but the general process takes place in three stages: harvesting, processing, and reinjection.

The first step involves extracting body fat through liposuction from the areas which have more fat. Some of the common areas from which the fat is extracted includes the back, stomach, and thighs. The fat which is extracted is treated through a process called centrifugation and after purification the best quality fat is re-injected into the buttocks.


Interested in improving the look and feel of your buttocks? Contact our office to schedule a consultation with Dr. Steven Bloch, a board-certified plastic surgeon, to learn more about the Brazilian butt lift surgery.

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