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Vampire Facelift – Restore Your Facial Youthfulness Non-invasively

While a surgical facelift can be uncomfortable for many people in need of facial rejuvenation and dermal fillers do little to rejuvenate the skin, Vampire Facelift is the new treatment option that is less invasive and very natural. This facial treatment is natural in the sense that it uses your growth factors from your own blood re-injected in the face to give you a youthful appearance. At Skin Deep Medial Spa, we safely perform Vampire Facelift under the direction of Dr. Bloch. This non-surgical treatment is ideal for you if your facial skin has lost its smooth texture or has grayish complexion due to less blood flow. Also to that, if you are bothered by your collapsed facial structure associated with aging, the treatment can help in stimulating collagen for a plumber and youthful face.

Vampire facelift technique

When you visit our spa for Vampire Facelift, one of our practitioners will start by enhancing your facial look with an HA filler. Next, the anesthetic cream will be applied on your face and your arm. Our practitioner will then draw about two tea spoonfuls of blood from your arm with a fine needle. The harvested blood is then mixed in a centrifuge for about 10 minutes. This allows growth factors to be separated from the blood. Our physician will then use a fine needle to re-inject the growth factors in your face. Once the growth factors enter your facial tissues, multi-potent stem cells that normally exist in the skin act as though there has been an injury and, therefore, develop new and younger tissue. The new tissue consists of fat, blood vessels and collagen that help in repairing skin. This results in a healthier, younger looking skin.

After a Vampire Facelift, your good results will continue to improve over the next 2 to 3 months and last for the next 1 to 2 years.

Does Vampire Facelift has any risks?

Treatment with Vampire Facelift involves the use of needles to draw and inject blood. This may be quite uncomfortable, but we normally use anesthetic creams to prevent any discomfort in the course of treatment. Immediately after treatment, your face may appear yellowish. This is the plasma in the blood, but the effect is not permanent and will fade away within 24 hours after treatment. Visit our spa for Vampire Facelift consultation or book an appointment at our spa on

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