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Tired Of Looking Tired? Get A Chicago Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery, also called blepharoplasty, is usually done on either the upper or lower eyelid with an aim to get rid of puffiness and excess skin tissue. In most cases, the surgery is done for cosmetic reasons that bring about a youthful look.

Surgery may also be done if the excess skin is affecting vision. In the upper eyelids, the surgery eliminates excess skin that makes you appear stressed out. On the other hand, surgery on the lower eyelid reduces the depth of the skin under eyes and wrinkles. Fortunately, Dr. Bloch from Body By Bloch is a Chicago Eyelid Surgery specialist and can reverse this process.


Dr Bloch will inform you whether you qualify for the eyelid surgery after doing his or her evaluation. Depending on your situation Dr Bloch could also recommend a forehead lift in situations where the upper eyelid droopiness is aggravated by sagging eyebrows. You should, however, explain your expectations to Dr Bloch to let him know your personal aesthetic goal, and he will let you know if the target is achievable. Eyelid surgery follows the natural contours of the eyes. It is, therefore, hard to notice signs of incisions after recovery. Done alone, Chicago blepharoplasty surgery usually takes about 2 hours under anesthesia. Stitches can be removed after a week. You will be completely healed within two weeks where you can even go to work.


In the recovery period after the surgery on eyelids, you will be advised to cool the eye areas to minimize any form of bruising and swelling. Sunscreen and sunglasses should be worn for better results. Full results after the surgery or eyelids can be seen after three months. The outcomes include supple eyes with a wrinkle-free youthful glow. Always go for professional and certified plastic surgeons if you have made up your mind to have and Chicago eyelid surgery. This will reduce chances of after-surgery complications such as bruised corneas among other problems.

Dr Bloch’s Before & After Eyelid Surgery

To schedule a consultation call Body By Bloch at 1-847-686-3183

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