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Say Goodbye To Your Love Handles…

What is flank liposuction and love handles?

The part of the body between the hip and ribs is known as the flank. Bulges that are unattractive and difficult to contain develop due to flanks. This problem is known as the iliac area and is found in above the waistline of men. In women, it is found in below the waistline. The deposits found in the flank are commonly referred to as love handles. At times, the fatty deposits in men are known as spare tires. Fat deposits on the outside parts of the upper backs of human beings may develop and are called costal fat. In most cases, men try their best to eliminate their love handles through having a balanced diet and regular exercise program. However, this problem does not stop since it can be a genetic disorder.

Surgery operation

General or local anesthesia can be used. This operation is usually carried out on an outpatient basis. The patient is allowed to go home the same day. Specially designed tapes that aid in pulling the skin together are used to bandage the patient. An elastic garment is also put the patient by the physician. The garment should be comfortable and feel like a waistband. Its main use is to bind the skin during healing and compress the tissues beneath it tightly.

Recovery from the operation

The surgeon advises the patient to wear a tape after the surgery for approximate one week after the surgery. The patient should also take a shower regularly to loosen this tape. This facilitates easy removal. For two to three weeks after the surgery, one should wear an elastic garment. Regular visits to the doctor are key to seek advice during the healing process. Specific advice on when one should return to work depends on your job requirements. Strenuous activities should be avoided. The doctor, however, may recommend one to resume some moderate activity such as driving a vehicle, cycling, and walking. These operations have led to improvement in the love life of some couples.

Recommended exercises after recovery

After the operation, one needs to have an exercise program to work out regularly to remain physically fit and healthy. Below are some of the exercises one can undertake:

Side bends: this involves standing with your feet apart. The right hand is raised higher in the air, and the left-hand holds the waist. The person bends towards leftwards as far as he or she can. The procedure is repeated towards the right. These positions are held for few seconds and then one straightens upwards.

Stretching rotation: this involves on standing on the feet with the arms apart slightly. Then the person rotates his upper body from left to right until the furthest point. Repeat this procedure towards the left maintaining your body in a stationary state. One set of these rotations is equivalent to twelve revolutions.

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