Refresh Your Skin With Fractora in Glenview

If you have skin that looks old, worn-out and dull, this is going to take a toll on your self-esteem and on the way that other people view you. Thankfully, you do not have to live with unhealthy and old-looking skin. We invite you to refresh your skin with Fractora in Glenview.

There are a lot of things that can cause your skin to look old and worn out. As you are getting older, your skin is going through a variety of different changes that are not considered to be positive. Your skin is getting thinner. It is not producing as many beneficial substances, like elastin and collagen. This causes your skin to show your dynamic wrinkles in a much more pronounced way. These changes also make you have static wrinkles and sagging skin. Individuals who are not yet starting to see the effects of the aging process may be dealing with other issues. For example, they may have acne, sensitive skin, or a blotchy skin tone. Thankfully, there is a solution for all of the skin issues. Fractora in Glenview has been able to help many individuals to refresh their skin and to love the way they look.

So what is Fractora? This is a treatment that delivers radiofrequency energy to the skin in areas where you would like to refresh your skin. It produces heat and micro-injuries in areas that need improvement. However, this is a very gentle heat. It is a pinpoint treatment that will help to promote the growth of collagen in the skin. This is going to rejuvenate the skin and improve its appearance.

Most individuals are concerned about the skin on their face looking old and worn out. This is understandable. The great news is that Fractora can be used to treat the lower and upper eyelids, the cheeks, the mouth, and smile lines. It can actually be used to treat the entire face and neck. These are all areas that are affected by the aging process and can definitely use some rejuvenation.

The great thing about Fractora is that it can also be used to help individuals who have stretch marks on their body. When a person has stretch marks, it causes them to hide away and not feel confident. If you would like to wear shorts or swimwear the next time you go to the pool or the beach, learn more about Fractora. See how it can help you to get rid of stretch marks on your body that cause you to lose your self-confidence.

It may be necessary for a person to go through multiple Fractora sessions in order to get the best results. The reason why this may be necessary is because the results with this treatment are cumulative. The treatment helps your skin to build more collagen, which will improve wrinkles, skin laxity, irregularities in the texture of your skin, scarring, and a variety of other issues. When you come in for your initial consultation and we examine your skin, we will help you to get a good idea of how many treatments you will need to rejuvenate your skin with Fractora.

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