Reasons to Get Male Breast Reduction in Glenview

Scientists have identified various causes responsible for gynecomastia — the enlargement of male breasts. While many people assume being overweight causes male breast enlargement, there are additional common causes, including: medication side effects, genetics and hormones. Body by Bloch, offering male breast reduction in Glenview, Illinois, can help men transform into better, happier versions of themselves.

If you have “man boobs,” here are some typical reasons men increasingly choose this procedure:

Sense of Masculinity

Just as smaller-breasted women sometimes talk about feeling less feminine when compared to women with larger breasts, men with gynecomastia may feel less masculine because society does not associate masculinity with large breasts. For those consider male breast reduction in Glenview, the procedure can re-instill in them a bolstered sense of masculinity and confidence, especially when dealing with the opposite sex.


Today’s buzz surrounding Instagram and the instantaneous before-and-after bodybuilding photos, along with the popularity of intense workouts like Crossfit, can also harm a man’s self-esteem. It’s natural for a guy to compare his body to others. Our culture of social media adds pressure to self-image by creating a powerful sense of competition and anxiety. For some men with gynecomastia, no amount of exercise, cardio or weightlifting will reduce the appearance of their large breasts. Being able to show off the results of a workout routine with a hot mirror selfie is part of the fun in today’s world, but if you’re unhappy with your upper chest, it’s easy to lose incentive and motivation and stop hitting the gym.


Pain Relief

Many men think of male breast reduction in Glenview as a purely cosmetic procedure, but pain relief can be a surprising bonus. Excess breast tissue pulls the chest and shoulders forward, causing the strain of constant weight and the aches of bad posture. When the surgeon removes this extra tissue, it frees up the shoulders and back from that extra weight. For men with especially large breasts, male breast reduction might relieve years of pain in the back and shoulders.

Men whose gynecomastia is unilateral (meaning that only one breast is enlarged) will also find relief from a reduction of just their larger breast, which will allow the body to re-balance after years of one side of the body compensating for the other.

Discrete Male Breast Reduction in Glenview

Body by Bloch can perform male breast reduction in Glenview. It is a procedure that allows you to return to work within a few days. You’ll wear a compression garment as the chest heals; this fits discreetly underneath regular clothing.

One final fact to keep in mind is that many consider breast reduction surgery the most effective treatment for enlarged male breasts. As a man, it may be awkward to plan a procedure long associated with women. Just know that stigma is outdated. The benefits of male breast reduction surgery can enhance your sense of masculinity, self-perception and confidence while simultaneously relieving the physical ailments of back and shoulder pain.

If you’re a man suffering from gynecomastia in the Chicago area, call Body by Bloch and schedule your consultation for male breast reduction in Glenview.  The results may pleasantly surprise you — not only in terms of your appearance, but also your outlook on life.

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