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Radiesse- Lift and Tighten Your Skin Non-surgically for a Youthful Look

As we age, a natural collagen production that adds skin volume slows down. This makes the skin lose its elasticity and strength. The loss of skin volume and elasticity creates skin laxity, facial lines, and wrinkles. These effects make the skin appear aged, and the face is the most predominant area where aging shows. If you want to improve your facial appearance non-invasively, you can consider getting Radiesse treatment.

Radiesse is dermal filler that is injected into the skin to add temporarily volume that smoothes moderate to severe facial wrinkles for a healthy and young looking skin. The dermal filler can temporarily diminish marionette lines, nasolabial folds and facial sagginess caused by aging. Radiesse injection should be done by a qualified medical professional. You can have the treatment at Body by Bloch in the Chicago metro area. This is an accredited surgical facility owned by Dr. Bloch; an ABPS certified plastic surgeon that has over 30 years of experience in cosmetic procedures including Radiesse injections.


Radiesse injection is not painful, after treatment, you can resume your normal activities immediately. Your Radiesse results will be noticed within the first week following your initial injection. Your fine lines will not be much pronounced. The injection will also add volume to your cheeks and contour the jaw line area. You will be advised on when to come for repeat treatments. Your skin will need lesser re-injections in the future, and the newly rejuvenated look can last up to a year. Use of sunscreen when outdoors, healthy eating, regular exercise, getting enough sleep and taking plenty of water are good habits that will prolong your youthful look after Radiesse injection.

Synthetic wrinkle fillers

This smaller category of wrinkle fillers includes lab-made substances that are not related to anything found naturally in the skin.

All the fillers in this group have similar side effects, such as redness, swelling, or bruising at the site of the injection. Other side effects include nodules or bumps under the skin that can be seen and felt and that, in rare instances, may require surgery to remove.

The benefits include a longer-lasting effect. And at least one filler offers permanent filling of lines and creases. Remember, products with longer-lasting effects are more likely to cause side effects. And when not used correctly, synthetic wrinkle fillers may cause disfigurement.

Synthetic wrinkle fillers include:

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