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Permanent Cosmetics in Glenview– Keep Your Makeup in Place Permanently

As the name suggests, permanent cosmetics are permanent in that their effect can last for a very long time. With cosmetic cosmetics, your makeup will stay in place all day and stay intact in bedtime. This means you can do your normal tasks, dance or even workout with your makeup in place. You can expect the makeup to stay in place or move to another place. Some permanent makeup can give you shapely eyebrows, beautiful lips and outstanding eyes with durable eyeliner. These cosmetic enhancements have good looking results if well done but can have adverse effects if poorly executed. Permanent cosmetics are applied under anesthesia and may need some touch up after some months depending on your condition. Practitioners in the industry include aestheticians, cosmetologists, dermatologists, and tattooists. Before you choose a practitioner, ensure that he or she is legally certified for your safety. Skin Deep Medical Spa run by Dr. Bloch, a board-certified plastic surgeon is among the leading places in Chicago to have permanent makeup. Set an online appointment at the spa on

Questions to ask a dermatologist

Ask these questions to help you choose the right doctor for you:

What is the procedure for permanent cosmetics?

Permanent makeup or cosmetics uses micro pigmentation technology which is used in tattoos. This technology uses a fine needle to place tiny pigmented particles just beneath the skin’s upper layers. The pigmented layers are placed carefully to take the shape of your natural lips or brows. This is done after you have received local anesthesia to minimize pain.


Using permanent makeup on your facial skin has risks which your aesthetician should discuss with you during your consultation. Some of these risks include:

Choosing a professional practitioner who also observes hygiene may reduce some of these risks.

Safety checklist

If you use eye cosmetics, FDA urges you to follow these safety tips:

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