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O-shot – Improve Your Sexual Performance

O-Shot® which is the popular name for Orgasm Shot is a cosmetic treatment for women that can enhance their sexual functionality. The treatment is not a drug but a rejuvenation procedure that uses one’s own growth factors derived from the blood. The physician-administered procedure takes a few minutes and is not invasive. This treatment has no downtime and you can go home after the treatment. A highly qualified surgeon should perform the procedure for you for good results and for your safety. Dr. Bloch offers this procedure at his accredited facility Body by Bloch. You can book an appointment with the doctor at

O-Shot® treatment procedure

O-Shot® treatment begins by drawing blood from your arm as is the case with other blood tests. Numbing cream will be applied on your arm so that you don’t feel the pricking of the needle. The drawn blood is then mixed in a centrifuge to isolate Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) with growth factors. This process takes 10 minutes. Numbing cream is also applied on the vagina. Next, the growth factors are injected in the upper vagina and in clitoris using a thin needle. These areas are injected because they play a significant role in sexual response. With the anesthetic cream, you will feel no pain in the treatment. The body will react by repairing the injected area just like it would happen incase of an injury. This means new tissue will grow and the blood circulation in the O-Spot will improve.

What result can I expect?

After treatment with O-Shot®, you will notice improved results almost immediately; these include temporary augmentation of the clitoris, labia and the Grafenburg spot (G-Spot). Other than the younger appearance, there is also improved sexual performance. The results can last for 6 months or longer. You can consult with your physician again if you feel that you need more treatments.

O-Shot® can also be used for women with urine incontinence. After the treatment, patients stop leaking urine.

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