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Miradry – Solution For Underarm Sweating

If you have underarm sweating that is affecting your lifestyle and not responding to antiperspirants, miraDry® treatment can significantly reduce the problem. This is a FDA approved solution to underarm sweat problem which does not pose any health risk unlike some options for treatment of sweat outbursts under the arms. To book a consultation go to

How does miraDry® treatment work?

miraDry® treatment is non-invasive as it doesn’t involve any form of surgery. The treatment is performed on an outpatient basis, meaning you will go home after treatment. The procedure involves removal of sweat glands under the arms with the use of controlled electromagnetic energy known as microwave energy. After treatment, sweat glands do not grow back and are hence disabled permanently. The treatment lasts for about an hour. To get the best results out of miraDry® treatment, you will need at least two treatments staged 3 months apart.

When to contact a medical professional

Contact your health care provider if sweating occurs with:

These symptoms may indicate a problem, such as overactive thyroid or an infection.

Also call your health care provider if:


Immediately after receiving miraDry® treatment, you will experience some mild pain under your arms. Pain medication might be recommended to relieve the discomfort. Ice may also help reduce swelling and soreness in the first few weeks. You will notice significant sweat reduction under your arms on the first day of receiving treatment. The underarm treatment has no downtime and you can resume work immediately. You however need to wait for some weeks before resuming your normal exercise routine. After one year following treatment, sweating under your arms will have significantly disappeared. Follow-up visits are still important until your doctor confirms that your treated area and general health are not exposed to any health risk.


While pricing varies depending on your physician and where you live.

Most people find the cost of miraDry® surprisingly reasonable, after considering the physical and emotional costs of living with excessive sweat, and the significant, lifelong benefits that miraDry® provides. Use the Sweat Cost Calculator to find out how much you’re currently spending on a sweat-ruled life.

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