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Looking To Take Years Off Your Face??

Rhytidectomy which is the technical name for a facelift is an extensive cosmetic surgery performed on to reduce the appearance of aging signs that include muscle and skin sagging as well as wrinkle formation. A board-certified plastic surgeon should perform the surgery for you to ensure that you get satisfying results under safe conditions. Dr. Bloch, who operates from his accredited facility Body by Bloch, offers facelift among other cosmetic procedures for facial rejuvenation. You can book an appointment at Body by Bloch at

What is the procedure for a facelift?

Facelift technique depends on the level of correction needed. The procedure is performed under general anesthesia to make you sleep, or local anesthesia combined with intravenous sedation to prevent pain and calm you. In a traditional rhytidectomy procedure, the skin is lifted to allow correction on underlying tissues. Lax facial muscles are tightened before the skin is redraped and smoothly repositioned over your face. The surgery involves an incision made at the temple that then circles around the front of your ear through the hairline to the other ear. In the process of correction, extra fat and skin are removed. After correction, an incision is closed with stitches and dressed. Tiny drains may be placed to remove any accumulating fluids.

For younger patients or people needing minimum correction, shorter incisions are made at the temples just closer to the ears or under the upper lip or even within the lower eyelid.

What happens after a facelift?

Dr. Bloch will prescribe pain medication and antibiotics before you go home. The doctor will also advise you to use cold compresses to reduce swelling. Your drains and dressings will be removed within 1 to 2 days. You need to avoid strenuous activities for several weeks, but you can resume work after 2 to 3 weeks. Facial numbness is normal and may continue for some months. You should avoid smoking for 2 to 4 weeks as it prolongs recovery. Your incisions will remain inconspicuous as they are made in the hair or on areas where the skin creases naturally. Though your face may feel abnormal for some months, you will enjoy the new youthful look as swelling starts to disappear. Aging will, however, alter the results of your surgery with time.

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