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Liposonix Treatment For Quick Non-surgical Fat Reduction

Liposonix treatment for quick non-surgical fat reduction

You might think that only surgical procedures like liposuction and body lifts can only get rid of fat effectively. However, Liposonix is one if the latest technologies that can help you lose fat and slim without any need for surgery. Dr. Bloch’s Skin Deep Medical Spa in the Chicago metro area is performing this procedure to help patients realize their cosmetic goals without surgery or the long recovery period associated with it. You can conveniently request for your appointment for Liposonix at Skin Deep Medical Spa online at

Am I a good Liposonix candidate?

Liposonix is not for everyone and therefore during your consultation will be told if you need it or an alternative fat reduction procedure. You have to be near your normal body shape to be considered a good candidate for Liposonix. If you have a layer of fatty skin around your waist area that if you pinch measures about an inch, then this procedure can give you the extra help you need to attain the ideal shape. The procedure is by no means intended to replace a healthy lifestyle. So you must be exercising and observing proper diet before and after treatment.

How does Liposonix system work?

This non-invasive procedure uses ultrasound energy to achieve fat removal from outside the body. Dr. Bloch uses a hand-held device to deliver the ultrasound energy into the specific areas targeted for fat reduction. The energy penetrates into the subcutaneous fat tissues where it disrupts and ruptures cell membranes of the fats. The destroyed fat cells and is then transported via the lymphatic system to the liver for normal processing before natural excretion. The Liposonix system uses high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) energy for better penetration into the subcutaneous fat tissues. There is precision in how and where the ultrasound energy is delivered. Customized treatment can be provided in a session of just about an hour to reduce at least an inch from the waist.

What Should I expect after the procedure?

After your Liposonix procedure at Dr. Bloch’s Skin Deep Medical Spa, you will be able to resume normal activities immediately. Expect results after 8-12 weeks once the fat has been naturally processed by the body. This procedure is only meant to help you get rid of the last inch so that you can achieve the desired shape. Continuing a healthy lifestyle will, therefore, help make your results last long.

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