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Liposonix in Northbrook- Get a Slimmer Waistline Non-surgically

Liposonix is modern equipment that has successfully being used for stubborn fat treatment especially for love handles and the abdomen. This treatment is non-surgical and uses high-intensity focused ultrasound energy (HIFU) to destroy fat cells permanently for people of all skin colors. You will likely be a suitable candidate for the procedure if you are in good health and close to your ideal weight but wish to lose an inch of circumferential fat around your waist area. Get a certified technician to perform the non-invasive fat treatment for you if you want good results and stay safe. Skin Deep Medical Spa in the Northbrook area is among the safest places to have the treatment. The facility owned by Dr. Bloch has state-of-the-art equipment to ensure patient safety and satisfaction. The spa’s site is where you can book for an appointment from wherever you are.

Custom Contouring™

Patients come in all shapes and sizes, and so does their fat. Other non-invasive body contouring devices can be limited in their ability to treat certain areas of fat and may require several hours and/or multiple treatment sessions to adequately address problem areas. The Liposonix system is highly versatile, allowing control over precisely how and where energy is delivered, for a truly customized treatment in a single one-hour session.

How does Liposonix work?

Your Liposonix procedure can be performed in a hospital or a legal surgical center with qualified aestheticians. Your technician begins by marking areas that need fat removal. Gel is then applied to these areas to protect your skin and allow ultrasound penetration. The Liposonix treatment uses HIFU energy with a similar source to that of diagnostic ultrasound. The ultrasound helps your technician identify particular areas with fat on your waistline. The ultrasound energy is then focused on your skin which penetrates the epidermis to reach and heat the subcutaneous fat layer. Unwanted fat around the waist is therefore destroyed with an aim of giving you a slimmer and trimmer profile.

What are Liposonix results?

After a treatment with Liposonix, You can go back to work immediately as the treatment has minimum downtime. You will notice one dress or pant size (1 inch or 2.5 cm) reduction on your waistline after some weeks. Your skin will remain smooth after treatment unlike with other fat reduction treatments. Blood cholesterol levels will also remain at normal levels after treatment. Maximum results are fully achieved after 8 to 12 weeks. This is the time the body takes to metabolize the destroyed fat cells. Further, fat reduction may be scheduled after 3 months following the initial treatment but it will depend on your progress. Destroyed fat tissue will not re-grow, but surrounding fat cells will likely grow with poor lifestyle. To maintain the new look, your technician will advise you to maintain good diet and exercise regularly.

Body sculpting technique eliminates fat with few side effects

The researchers evaluated the outcomes of high-intensity focused ultrasound for body sculpting of the abdomen and flanks in 180 patients. All patients sought treatment to eliminate excess abdominal fat; only patients who were not obese (body mass index less than 30) were eligible for the study. The average age was 42 years, and 85 percent of the patients were women.

Patients were randomly assigned to undergo high-intensity ultrasound treatment at a higher or lower energy level, or inactive “treatment” with no ultrasound energy. Twelve weeks after treatment, waist circumference and patient-rated results were compared among the three groups.

The results supported the effectiveness of high-intensity ultrasound in reducing abdominal fat – especially at the higher energy level. Among patients who actually underwent their assigned treatment, waist size decreased by an average of 2.5 centimeters (one inch) in the high-energy ultrasound group, compared to the control group.

The reduction was slightly less in the low-energy ultrasound group: 2.1 centimeters. Waist size decreased by at least three centimeters in about one-third of patients in the high-energy ultrasound group and one-fourth in the low-energy group. These objective measurements supported the patients’ perceptions of a flatter stomach after high-intensity ultrasound treatment.

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