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Laser Genesis – Get A Younger Flawless Skin Without The Scapel

Finding skin care products that will effectively improve your skin’s appearance particularly on the face, neck and chest may be quite exhausting and is money wasting.Laser Genesis™ is a new skin treatment that can improve the overall appearance of your skin. This procedure uses laser technology to treat facial wrinkles, redness, tighten pores and improve the texture and uneven skin tone. The Laser Genesis technology boosts the skin collagen production thus giving you a younger rejuvenated look. This treatment is non-invasive and takes less than 20 minutes. Visit Skin Deep Medical Spa, owned by the world-class plastic surgeon Dr. Bloch, for consultation on this treatment. You can as well conveniently request an appointment at our medical spa at www.skindeepmedicalspacom.

What is the procedure for Laser Genesis™

Treatment with Laser Genesis requires no anesthesia and is described as comfortable. Your physician will start the treatment by protecting your eyes with shields. The practitioner will also protect his or her eyes since the treatment employs laser beams. The focused laser energy is directed on the area to be treated. You will experience a gentle warming sensation during treatment. The feeling is so comforting that many patients fall asleep during treatment. After treatment, the warm feeling continues for about 30 minutes. You will be able to go home immediately after treatment. After a day following treatment, you may experience some mild tingling and increased facial firmness.

What results can I expect with Laser Genesis™treatment?

Laser Genesis results are seen after one treatment, but you will need a series of treatments to get perfect results. Most patients typically need eight treatments after every one or weeks to get satisfying results. This will, however, depend on the level of correction that you have achieved. Results will continue to improve with every treatment and will reach their peak after the last treatment session. With good skin care, your results can last for up to a year. The results will, however, be compromised by normal aging.

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