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Jet Peel Treatment For Safe Head To Toe Skin Improvement

You can now improve your facial texture with non-invasive techniques which include Jet Peel™ treatment. This is one of the many skin treatments offered at Skin Deep Medical Spaowned by Dr. Bloch, a board-certified plastic surgeon. The non-invasive skin treatment should be performed by a certified medical provider, and the medical spa has highly qualified staff.

What is Jet Peel™?

Jet Peel skin treatment uses a handheld device that delivers pressurized air to accelerate a jet of saline micro-droplets. The microjet technology loosens dead skin cells and washes them off your face. The pressure washes massages your face and reveals a new skin free from many skin conditions that are also easy to moisturize and nourish. Apart from the face, the treatment can also improve the appearance of other areas of your body without any pain.

How does Jet Peel™ treatment work?

Each Jet Peel treatment pressure washes your face in 5 different levels. Your esthetician will begin by cleansing your face first in back and forth movements with the handheld device. Sterile saline will be used on small portions of your face. Maneuvering of the device over your face cleanses, exfoliates, hydrates, oxygenates and micro-circulates the treated areas. Extra passes may be made on areas with conditions like blackheads or clogged pores. Infusion of nutrients on your face which include hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, a combination of vitamin A and E or other options is applied in a similar way to that of sterilized saline.

What are the results of the treatment?

In the course of treatment, your skin may appear pink or balance depending on your skin type but it will return to its normal complexion after 15 to 30 minutes following treatment. Your skin will also glow, and any blackheads, wrinkles, and other unpleasant conditions will be totally gone. There is no downtime – you can resume normal activities after treatment. You will need Jet Peel treatments after 10 to 30 days following the initial treatment for good results. Your aesthetician will likely recommend touch-up sessions to prolong your youthful look.

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