Jet Peel – Get Overall Skin Rejuvenation Non-invasively

You can improve the appearance of your facial, neck and décolleté without surgery or harsh chemicals with Jet Peel™. This procedure is a modern technology that improves the appearance and feel of your skin painlessly. The treatment can be used to improve wrinkles, skin pigmentation, texture, and other skin imperfections. Jet Peel™ uses water and oxygen for exfoliation that smoothes, tones, hydrates and improves circulation of your skin. Treated skin can also absorb skin nourishing ingredients effectively for prolonged results. The procedure should be performed by a qualified skin technician for a good outcome. Visit our Chicago metro spa Skin Deep Medical Spa to talk to one of our skin specialists about your condition.

What happens during Jet Peel treatment?

For treatment with Jet Peel™, your physician uses a hand-held device to pressure gently wash your skin. The hand piece emits two jets of saline water flowing at supersonic speed. The microdroplets stream moves to 200m/second that is directed on your skin. The high speed of the water peels off dead skin layers and unclogs pores. You will feel a smooth and cool sensation. The power wash massages your skin that in turn promotes circulation. The massage action gives you a vibrant, smoother and younger look. The water also hydrates your skin that makes it easy to tone and moisturize your skin.

How many treatments will I need?

For effective results with Jet Peel™, you will need several treatment sessions. You will resume your normal activities immediately after this treatment. Your skin complexion that appears pink in the course of treatment will return to normal after about 15 to 30 minutes. If you are visiting Skin Deep Medical Spa, your physician will schedule maintenance visits after a few months to prolong the youthful look. Book your skin consultation on

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