How Laser Skin Resurfacing Can Transform Your Skin

Laser skin resurfacing is a procedure performed to get rid of or improve wrinkles, blotches, spots and other undesirable marks on your skin whether caused by aging or other factors like sunburns, acne and so on. It makes use of the laser to cause controlled “injury” to the skin so that it can form a “good scar” and rejuvenate. If the risk of a “bad scar” is avoided, skin regrowth is the transformation you would expect in order to achieve your desired results. Dr. Bloch will discuss with your expectations and make you understand all the risks that may be involved. Many patients have been able to take off their faces years of aging after undergoing this procedure which just takes a few minutes. The results are usually achieved and improved as you continue to heal. Full recovery can be expected after several weeks or months depending on the size of treated skin area, number of laser passes, complications if any, and so on.

Dr. Bloch performs laser skin resurfacing to his patients with great precision, so if you are a good candidate for the procedure can expect positive results. The procedure causes very minimal damage if any to the surrounding tissue. Before treatment, the doctor will mark all the targeted areas on your face or other parts of your body. There are different laser methods selected depending on the skin problems you need treated. Dr. Bloch will discuss with you why any of the laser skin resurfacing methods would be the best for your treatment. The laser is passed on the targeted skin areas and its pulses are absorbed to heat and vaporize very thin skin layers. The top layer is often targeted and wounded in a controlled manner. During the healing process, new skin cells will resurface to replace the ones that were destroyed by laser. Dr. Bloch will choose from high-energy to low-energy laser for you depending on which areas of your body you need skin transformation or rejuvenation.

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