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Go Into A Time Machine With Thermage

Time is merciless, and no one can avoid its influence. Aging is an irreversible process. As the time passes, people think differently, behave differently, and look differently. Today’s society has a variety of ways used for coming back to that times when everyone looked younger. One of the most effective and popular “time-machines” is Thermage®. It is the best choice for those who are willing to have smooth, tight skin. Thermage® is a proven technology used for wrinkles reducing and skin lifting.

Why get this procedure done?

It can be used for the following areas:

It uses special radiofrequency energy. This energy produces special heat that affects the deep dermis. Then goes the stimulation of new collagen formation! As a result, the skin gets smooth, wrinkles disappear, and you look younger, much better, fresher, and happier. You can apply make-up to your face immediately after the procedure. No serious or complicated implications take place. Small redness is possible, but it will disappear in the following two or three hours.

As for the very procedure, it lasts for 45 minutes if working with eyes or face zones. It will take twice longer for separate body areas. You can see results after the first treatment. And that is fantastic because you know almost immediately that it really works. And there is one more positive side. If you are under 50, you may probably need only one treatment. If you are over 50 two treatments should be done.

Thermage® is a unique technology because it gives incredible results. The effect of this procedure will last for two years and more. Can you imagine something better? Spend amazing two years of life with no skin problems at all. Of course wrinkles may appear again later. It is necessary as far as the aging process continues, and the sun shines keep damaging your skin. Stop aging process with this procedure.

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