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Get Results With This Non Surgical Procedure – Venus Legacy

Venus Legacy™ is an absolutely new technology used for reducing fat and skin tightening. It is a new standard in the aesthetic industry. Venus Legacy™ is a non-invasive body weight and skin condition controller. It is not painful and gives real results. This technology is especially popular nowadays among Hollywood stars and famous people.

How does it work?

Venus Legacy™ operates on the basis of the MP2 energy and VariPulse technology. It uses multi-polar radio frequency and magnetic fields to produce heat effect for the skin. This heating effect is particular. It causes a thermal reaction that influences skin deeply. Blood circulation increases and stimulates the healing response of the body. As a result, cellulite or fat is reduced, wrinkles are smoothed, and the skin becomes more elastic.

The procedure

Venus Legacy™ procedure is non-surgical. It is painless and for some patients even pleasant. One can compare it to the massage with hot stones. The period of time needed for treatment depends on the area. Usually, it takes 30-40 minutes. You lay in the comfortable place, and special lotion is applied to the chosen area. This lotion makes applicator glide on the skin. Then, you will feel the movements on your skin. It is like a warm massage. Close your ear and enjoy pleasant procedure that will give amazing results. Six procedures are needed to see results for face, eight for neck, and ten for the whole body.

Venus Legacy™ can be used for the following services:

Who is a good candidate for this procedure?

Venus Legacy™ is the most appropriate technology for those who:

There are also special requirements for the candidate, but they are discussed with a specialist once you have decided to do it.

What to expect from Venus Legacy™?

The results are real. You will see them after six treatments. Venus Legacy™ technology is safe. Magnetic pulses and radio frequency are proven methods that have been utilized in medicine for years. The only side effect is that your friends will be amazed by your beautiful appearance. After the treatment, you will feel relaxed. Zones treated may be warm and pink for a while. But it will not last longer than one or two hours.

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