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Freeze Your Fat With Coolsculpting

Bothered by your love handles, muffin tops, abdominal bump and thigh fat that is keeping you from your desired shape? If you are faced with this situation, CoolSculpting™is the coolest way to help you achieve your cosmetic goals. Here at Skin Deep Medical Spa, we safely perform the procedure on an outpatient basis. This means you will be able to resume your daily activities after the treatment. The treatment freezes away stubborn fat cells non-invasively. You will be able to fully relax during the treatment. This fat treatment is FDA-approved and has effective results. If you want to lose a few inches that wasn’t been successful with exercise and proper dieting, the treatment could work for you. Consultation with us will however, help you understand if you are a suitable candidate. To arrange an appointment with us for your initial consultation at

How is CoolSculpting™ treatment like?

In CoolSculpting™ procedure, you will lie on the treatment bed to allow easy access on your problem areas. One of our skilled technicians will then position the CoolSculpting™ device on the target area. The applicator uses moderate vacuum power to draw some skin bulge on the suction cups. Our physician will then control the cool temperatures delivered to the tissue being treated. Each area being treated takes about 1 hour.

What can I expect after CoolSculpting™?

After treatment, you may experience some mild discomfort, numbness, redness, bruising or tingling in the treated area. These are however temporary signs that will disappear completely. The majority of our patients have satisfying results after a single CoolSculpting™ procedure. After 3 weeks, you will notice your initial outcomes and after 3 months, the final results will be more evident. These results will continue to improve over the next 4 to 6 months as your body naturally flushes out the destroyed fat cells.

Liposuction can be more helpful if you have more fat to lose. Discussing your aesthetic goals and expectations after visiting us at Skin Deep Medical Spa will help us formulate a treatment plan that will address your problem areas safely and effectively.

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