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Forehead Lift in Chicago– Reverse Your Facial Aging

Forehead lift also known as brow lift can help you reverse the negative effect of aging. This is an aesthetic procedure that involves surgery to tighten the soft tissues of the forehead for a smooth, even and youthful look on the forehead, eyebrows and upper eyelids. Body by Bloch is a surgical facility in Chicago where you can have a brow lift performed by Dr. Bloch, an experienced and board-certified plastic surgeon with the assistance of his skilled team. Just to be sure that you qualify for a forehead lift, you can arrange for consultation with the Chicago surgeon

Your brow lift consultation

You’ll have a meeting to consult with your surgeon before the procedure. At this meeting, you should talk about your goals, your current health, and your medical history.

Your surgeon will evaluate your entire forehead region, including your upper eyelids, paying attention to the muscles. The surgeon may have you make a series of facial expressions so he or she can best see exactly how to help you.

You should ask your surgeon for details of all charges — including charges for follow-up care — and payment options.

Health insurance typically doesn’t pay for cosmetic procedures. There would have to be a medical reason for an insurance company to cover some or all of it. If you’re not sure about your case, ask your doctor and your health insurance company before deciding whether to get the procedure. That way you can be clear on what you’ll need to pay for yourself.

What technique does forehead lift use?

Based on your condition, your plastic surgeon will apply different techniques to give you a youthful look. The procedure involves incisions of different patterns and an endoscope may be used to get a proper view of underlying tissues being treated. After incisions are made, the soft tissues of the upper third of your face will be tightened with sutures. Any excess fat and skin will be removed before skin is closed with stitches and bandaged. Tiny drains may be placed behind your ears. Dr. Bloch may use the following inconspicuous incision patterns in your forehead lift procedure:

How are forehead lift results?

Your stitches, drains and dressings may be removed within the first week after surgery. Pain and puffiness on your face may be present for some days but will eventually go away with the use of pain medication and cold compressions. Following your post-operative care instructions will give you a smooth recovery. A youthful look will start appearing when swelling disappears. Your final results will however be more present after about 6 months. Your face will be more youthful and scars will remain hidden in the hair. Maintaining relationship with your plastic surgeon and good facial care will prolong your youthful appearance though aging will eventually compromise the new look but will not be as severe.


Fortunately, significant complications from brow-lift surgery are infrequent. This surgery is usually performed without any major problems.

Risks and potential complications of surgery is should be discussed during your consultation. The risks in most surgeries are similar. Some of the potential complications of all surgeries are:

You can help minimize certain risks by following the advice and instructions of your board-certified plastic surgeon, both before and after your brow-lift surgery.

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