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FAQS About The Orgasm Shot (O-shot)

Unknown to many people, O-Shot is not a drug, but it is a procedure performed in a medic’s office. During this procedure, a patient’s blood platelets are usually injected in her vaginal tissues. This is due to the proved theory that points out those blood platelets are naturally able to attract one’s stem cells to the area where the platelets have been injected. Thus, once these tissues are injected to the vaginal tissues, they can generate both healthier as well as functional tissues at those areas of those sexual response tissues of the vagina. These areas are O-Spot, the vaginal wall the urethra among others.

Those who are the beneficiaries of this treatment are the women who usually suffer from the orgasmic dysfunction. This is the persistent delay or the absence of orgasm after a normal sexual activity. There have been so many questions concerning O-Spot, and that is why this article has been written to open your eyes concerning this kind of treatment. The following are some of the questions that people usually have:

What should one expect during O-Spot procedure and appointment?

Usually, once you go for your appointment, the doctor examines your medical history after which he/she gives you an opportunity to ask questions in case you have some. Once this is over, the doctor will apply a numbing cream to that area he would like to inject you. Once your blood is drawn, it is prepared. When your PRP is ready, it is injected to the area of interest. Later the doctor will instruct you on how to use the APEX device so that the best results can be achieved.

Can one get healed from urinary incontinence by getting O-Spot?

Once you get the O-Spot treatment, your pelvic floor is strengthened. The strong pelvic floor (in combination with the PRP) can help you to get healed from urinary incontinence. In fact, many women who initially had this condition have reported having either healed completely from urinary incontinence or their problem was reduced after the O-Spot treatment.

Is O-Sport procedure hurting?

The majority of women who have had this treatment have been quite comfortable with the whole procedure. However, there is a slight discomfort usually described as a mild sting or mild punch that usually lasts after a short period. Therefore, do not fear to get this treatment as it is not as painful as other treatments that are similar to it.

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