Effectively Get Rid Of Unwanted Hair

For cosmetic reasons, many people always want to get rid of any hair growing at the wrong places. Laser hair removal is a procedure that can effectively help you get rid of the unwanted hair whether from your face or other areas of the body. Unwanted hair can make you feel less confident in wearing certain types of clothes. Shaving, waxing, tweezing, bleaching, electrolysis and other ways of getting rid of the unwanted hair are not as effective as laser hair removal which provides a permanent solution. This treatment method, however, has its own share of risks and should only be performed by doctors or physicians with good credentials. Book an appointment with the board-certified Chicago plastic surgeon online at www.skindeepmedicalspa.com.

Candidates for laser hair removal

In order to avoid certain risks and expect the best results, you must be a good candidate for hair removal treatment using a laser. We will examine you and confirm that during your consultation for the procedure. Of course, you must have unwanted hair to consider the treatment in the first place. Unwanted hair could be on your face, arms, legs, back and other parts of your body. People with dark hair and light skin make the best candidates for the hair removal procedure using a laser.

Pros and cons

Laser hair removal is an effective treatment whether you have unwanted hair on small or large body areas. Treating a small area can take just less than a minute but a very large area make take about an hour. The treatment may make your skin color and its complexion appear more uniform. It is possible to achieve permanent hair loss with only 3 up to 8 treatment sessions.

However, multiple treatment sessions in most cases will be required in order to achieve the desired hair loss results. The treatment may not be very effective in treating patients with dark skin color. Patients without dark hair may also not respond well to the treatment.

Before your treatment, we will examine your hair and skin color discrepancies to let you know if you can expect good results.

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