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Do You Want To Reduce Visible Cellulite?

VelaShape is a newer process whether you want to minimize the number of observable cellulite on your body, that might be appropriate for you personally. It is a nonsurgical method to lessen visible cellulite while supplying reducing effects and enhancing the contour of your body by making the skin smoother and tighter.

Individuals locate cellulite as it gives body parts a dimpled look to be rather unsightly. Some would compare the look of cellulite. Many girls find themselves and cellulite fighting with. The most typical aspects of the body where cellulite collects are thighs and the buttocks. You can bid farewell to cellulite.

How can VelaShape Work?

VelaShape makes utilization of patented technology that uses bipolar radiofrequency energy infrared light, and mechanical massage and vacuum suction. The result is shrinkage in the total dimension of the cells.

The goal of vacuum suction and the mechanical massage will be to smooth your skin. After the treatment is completed, you’re left using precisely the same amount of fat cells, but the cells shrink to some size that was far smaller, and consequently, your skin appears considerably smaller.

What Results can I Expect?

Much clinical research has revealed that thigh circumference can be reduced by VelaShape by as much as 2 centimeters. All these are averages chosen from several clinical trials. Therefore, the results that you get in the process might be different.

One variable that impacts the effects you get from your process is the density. Many people have than others do, much more compact fat cells.

What is the Process?

Through the task, the VelaShape wand is placed on the target area where radio frequency and light energies are delivered by it. You must feel little heat created by the energies. Pain reliever or no anesthetic is needed.

The period you can take pleasure from the outcomes depends on your lifestyle options.

Our highly trained staff is going to be able to reply any questions and issues you may have about the task if you’re interested. Contact us at 847 901 0900 to request an appointment.

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