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Do You Need A Male Enhancement Shot?

Priapus Shot or P-shot in full is a formula produced to propagate and enhance sexual performance in men. Sexual underperformance in men can be caused by numerous reasons. Some of the common reasons include; prostate cancer, substance abuse, an enlarged prostate gland, the side effects of a surgery (like surgery due to prostate cancer), conditions such as diabetes among many others. Usually, the procedure is very simple, effective and painless. The first thing the doctor does is to extract some blood. Growth factors are extracted from the blood using a technique known as proprietary technique. The growth factors are then concentrated into the PRP (platelet rich plasma). After this I done, the PRP is then injected into the penis. It is injected to the areas of the penis that are vital to sexual performance. Before the penis is injected, it has to be numbed using anesthesia. This makes the whole procedure comfortable and painless. To find out more click here.

How does the Priapus Shot work?

After the growth factors are extracted from the blood, they are enhanced by concentrating them in platelet rich plasma. The PRP resulting from the concentration has many growth and healing factors. It, therefore, has the ability to regenerate and heal. The effects of PRP are tissue growth. This growth of tissues increases blood vessels in the penis. Increased blood vessels in the penis mean that there will be sufficient blood flow in the penis. Improved circulation in the penis has the following effects;

  1. Stronger erection.
  2. Increases sensation.
  3. Increased pleasure.
  4. Enhanced sexual performance.

In most cases, Priapus shot results in an increase in the size of the penis, both length wise and the girth. Because the procedure uses the blood of the candidate, there are very few side effects and no allergic reactions can follow.

What are the benefits gained from Priapus Shot?

The effects of Priapus are different for different men. However, there are some common effects that are reported by men during the post-treatment clinics. These men say that they now experience;

Who are the correct candidates for Priapus Shot?

You need to consult a doctor to know if Priapus shot will work for you. There are doctors who are certified to administer this treatment. Though they are few. This treatment is new and has shown excellent results. It uses the candidates’ platelets and growth factors found in the blood to stimulate the penis. The patient should be perfectly healthy and should not have any blood anomalies. This procedure will be viable in most men.

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