Do You Have Skin Problems? If So Try Infini…

Are you bothered by scars, acne, acne scars, wrinkles, enlarged pores, loose skin, or photoaged skin? Infini™ skin treatment can help you. We offer this treatment for all skin types at Skin Deep Medical Spa in Chicago. Book an appointment with us at and get the course of treatment that will suit your needs.

What is Infini™?

Infini is a non-invasive technology that offers skin tightening and correction of skin imperfections like scarring, wrinkles and enlarged pores among other problems. The treatment combines two technologies delivered via two hand pieces. The technologies include patented flow needling called:

1. Microneedle Fractional RF (MFR) – this technology delivers focused energy deeper in the skin in 3D that tightens skin and improves the appearance of wrinkles and scars

2. Superficial Fractional RF (SFR) – this technology allows skin resurfacing treatment that tones the skin and boosts collagen production.

With these two techniques, our practitioner can easily tailor the treatment to your needs that may range from mild to aggressive or even delicate areas like around the eyes.

How is Infini™ treatment like?

Before getting Infini treatment, we will clean your skin and use a local anesthetic cream on areas to be treated for your comfort. After about 30 to 60 minutes, we will wipe away the anesthetic cream and begin treatment. One of our practitioners will move the treatment head of the Infini system around areas needing treatment. The energy delivered into the dermis will help in your skin rejuvenation. The procedure lasts for about 20 minutes. You will be fine to go home immediately after treatment.

Does Infini™ have any side effects?

After getting the treatment, your skin feels hot and may also look flushed or appear red. These symptoms will, however, disappear after two days and can easily be concealed with makeup. Some mild bruising or swelling may also appear, but these are generally rare.

When can I expect to see Infini™ results?

Most of our patients at Skin Deep Medical Spa see their micro-needling results within two weeks. Results include tauter skin and improved appearance of skin blemishes. These results will continue to improve over the next few months as skin repairs naturally by producing more collagen.

For extra skin tightening, we may recommend additional treatments. 3 to 4 is the optimum, but you may be fine with just one treatment.

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