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Decrease Your Wrinkles With A Vampire Facelift

It sounds scary but works amazingly. A Vampire Facelift is a unique procedure for eradicating or decreasing wrinkles. Patient’s own blood is used for this. Because the blood of the patient is used, no allergies or complications take place. Special substance if formed from the blood. Then it is used for rejuvenating the face. It stimulates new collagen formation that helps to smoothen even severe wrinkles. That is the way of using the power of your own body to look more attractive.

What is it?

Vampire Facelift is a procedure that uses special substance made up from patient’s own blood and facial filler. First of all, it is necessary to define what facial filler you need. Type of filler depends on what aim is going to be achieved. Thus, the filler for wrinkles reduction may vary from the filler for volume loss decreasing. These fillers are called Hyaluronic Acid (HA). The most popular types are Juvederm and Restylane. Everything should be counted properly. Otherwise, the unnatural form may appear. The next step is connected with blood. Two teaspoons of blood are needed for a successful procedure. The task of specialists is to take growth factors from patient’s blood. These growth factors heal injuries in our organism. It is not so easy to get growth factors from blood. That is why special machine called centrifuge is used for this purpose. Centrifuge takes platelet-rich-plasma (PRP), and that is the main component of the substance used for this procedure. Growths factors and platelets are combined together. They stimulate new collagen formation. The role of collagen is crucial for face rejuvenation.

But that is not all. A kind of trick is used for collagen formation. The substance has to be filled in patient’s face with the help of a small needle. It is not painful as long as the numbing cream is applied before. Growth factors from the substance make multipotent stem cells “think” that skin was damaged and need to be cured. This provokes new collagen formation to heal damaged areas, but there are no damaged areas, and all collagen makes the skin smooth, tight, and elastic. That is the way the Vampire Facelift works.

Who may need a Vampire Facelift?

With the process of aging, the human organism is not able to produce collagen in large amounts. The results of these are unpleasant for appearance. The beauty of skin just fades. Two reasons why it is time for you to try this procedure :

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