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Coolsculpting Eliminates Fat Bulges in Absence of Surgery

In the past, when the diet and exercise were not able to get rid of the stubborn and persistent fat bulges, many patients preferred liposuction as invasive surgical procedures. Others turned to radio frequency devices and infrared technology. With all these devices, there was a limited improvement. With new technology, patients can reduce the less wanted fat bulges and feel good for the permanent reduction of fat cells. The patients can only attain it through non-invasive and non-surgical methods referred as CoolScultping. This procedure is a method that many patients have acknowledged as the best and produced the best results.

This reduces fat in areas that are difficult to reach

As developed by ZELTIQ, Cool Sculpting can reduce fat in areas that are the most difficult to reach with frequent exercise and diet. Patients have realized good results in areas of low belly fats, the fat in under bra areas, fats in the upper belly, fats in the top of the muffin and other related areas. Therefore, the patients have acknowledged the technique as the best in improving the body contours.

How is Cool Sculpting Possible?

CoolSculpting works in a revolutionary technique that is known as cryolipolysis. Cryolipolysis is a process that cools the cells to a very low temperature and eliminates them. Patients have noted that the procedure that is involved in cryolipolysis is the safest and the temperatures that are required to destroy the cells are higher than those that cause skin damage. So, you will notice that the main advantage with this procedure is that it rarely damages the structure.

The Procedure

It only involves the physician’s application of a gel that protects the skin, and the applicator is put over the treatment area. This device is seen as the best in drawing the big fat bulges and induces fat into cryolipolysis. Anyone will understand that CoolSculpting continually monitors the temperatures and makes adjustments as they are needed.

How is CoolSculpting Different from Liposuction?

CoolSculpting is the best treatment and cannot be compared with Liposuction because its process makes the body to naturally eliminate the fat cells. As a result of this elimination, the cells are slowly excreted by the whole body over a period of several months. In Cool Sculpting, the treatment of each of fat bulge takes a single hour to perform. So, if you need treatment on the fat bulge, confidently consider CoolSculpting over other forms of treatment such as liposuction. So, a client is expected to discuss all these aspects with the client. Also, during CoolScupting, the patient should be informed that the love handles can take more than two hours.

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