Common Questions About Breast Lift In Glenview

Many women chose to get a breast lift in Glenview, and perhaps it’s something that you too have given considerable thought to. But there’s always a long list of questions whirling through your head. Is it really worth it? How do I even know if a breast lift is right for me? Do I go bigger, or just add a little perk? We are here to help answer any and all questions you may have. When it comes to breasts lifts, Body By Bloch in Glenview, IL is the place to go.

What’s The Difference Between A Breast Augmentation And A Breast Lift?
Breast augmentation adds additional volume to the breast, while a lift reshapes and lifts the breast. In saying that, it is not uncommon to combine the two, both lifting the breast while adding extra volume.

Is A Breast Lift In Glenview Right For Me?
If you have noticed unwelcome changes in your breasts after having kids, are dissatisfied with the effects of aging, or just have never been happy with how your breasts sit, then a breast lift could be extremely beneficial.

Will A Breast Lift Improve Symmetry?
It varies on a case-by-case basis. Sometimes asymmetry is caused by the ribcage itself and, in that case, a simple breast lift won’t necessarily correct the issue. During your consultation, Dr. Bloch will advise you on the best course of action. In saying that, a breast lift in Glenview does generally help to achieve a more symmetrical result.

What Could I Expect From A Breast Lift In Glenview?

A breast lift is a surgical procedure that takes a few hours, and you may stay in the hospital overnight.

Your breasts will generally feel a little tender post-op, and this will be accompanied by some swelling. The good news is that you should be back to your normal activities before you know it.

What Should I Expect From The Results?
Your breasts can be perkier, firmer, and more aesthetically pleasing.


Breast Lift In Glenview, IL
A breast lift not only can improve how your breasts look and feel, but it may enhance your overall appearance. Feeling better about your body directly translates to feeling better in your mind. It’s a win-win situation. It’s time to look and feel the very best you possibly can. Contact us today at Body By Bloch in Glenview, IL today to book your initial consultation to learn more about a breast lift in Glenview.

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