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Combat Your Stubbon Areas With Venus Legacy

The medical aesthetic of Venus Legacy is an ideal way to combat the body’s fat areas that seem stubborn as well as combating cellulite. Venus Legacy is the first known all- in- one workstation. It has combined proven (Multi Polar+ Magnetic pulse) technology together with Vari pulse feature. This is aimed at enhancing the entire operation of medical aesthetics. To request an appointment at Skin Deep Medical click here.

How does it work?

Apparently, Venue Legacy happens to be the first available FDA free device that applies the use of 4D technology. It can give free thermal real-time feedback. This is made possible due to its principles of combining Multi-Polar Radio Frequency (RF), with Pulse Electro Magnetic Field (PEMF) as well as various Pulse. The good news is that Venus Legacy aesthetic operation is pain-free but gives superior results.

Principles applied

I. Multi-Polar Radio Frequency RF

It facilitates contraction of collagen. It jacks-up synthesis of collagen. It also facilitates lipolysis.

II. Pulsed Electric Magnetic Field (PEMF)

It stimulates collagen synthesis, facilitates the proliferation of fibroblast as well as neo-vascularity.

III. Vari Pulse

It facilitates pulsed suction that is possible to customize; this makes it easier for energy to penetrate. It also facilitates lymphatic drainage as well as the stimulating circulation of blood throughout the body.

Kinds of applicators used

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