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Breast Revision – Address Your Breast Augmentation Concerns

Breast revision is the surgical procedure that is used to remove or replace silicone or saline filled implants. In our practice at Body by Bloch in the Chicago metro area, we will perform revisional breast surgeries for patients that have had botched breast augmentation procedures and breast reconstructive surgeries. Dr. Bloch has over 25 years experience in breast surgeries and will ensure that your breasts are restored as you want. A consultation with us will help us evaluate if you qualify for an implant replacement surgery. To book a consultation at Body by Bloch you can either call us at 1-847-686-3183 or fill out the form at

Choosing a breast implant profile

Your surgeon should show you examples of all three profiles so you can see the different “look” each is designed to create. Basically, the moderate is the most natural with a straight upper pole profile while the moderate plus has a little extra upper pole fullness that looks like a permanent push-up bra. The areolar incision is fine if you have enough diameter to work through.

How do I know that I need breast revision?

Breast implants help women have more self-confidence and a youthful perkier breasts. If your breast implants don’t yield these esthetic goals or if they are giving you health complications, then revisional surgery may be an option. You may visit us at Body by Bloch for consultation if:

How is breast revision done?

Removal of the old implants is done under general anesthesia in our accredited surgical facility Body by Bloch. We will perform the procedure with care to ensure that your results meet your esthetic goals. Breast implant removal usually employs different ways depending on your condition. With our cosmetic surgery experience, we mostly use previous incision lines to access and remove the problematic implants. This helps minimize scarring. To remove saline implants, we will deflate them first before removing them. Silicone implant removal necessitates removal of surrounding tissue and muscle. Removal of the scar tissue quickens recovery if you are permanently getting rid of your implants. After removal or replacement of the implant, we will use sutures to close your skin.

As a final procedure, we insert tiny drains in your breasts to remove accumulating blood and fluids before dressing your breasts with gauze. One of our dedicated staff in our facility will then take you to the recovery room for observation before we discharge you. We will advise you to go home with the assistance of someone if your condition has stabilized.

Limitations and risks

Fortunately, significant complications from breast revision surgery are infrequent. Every year thousands of women undergo successful breast revision surgery and are pleased with the results. This surgery is usually performed without any major problems. Your specific risks for breast revision will be discussed during your consultation.

All surgical procedures have some degree of risk. Some of the potential complications of all surgeries are:

You can help minimize certain risks by following the advice and instructions of your board-certified plastic surgeon, both before and after your breast revision surgery.

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