Breast Revision: a Second Chance at Beautiful Breasts

A Breast augmentation can help you achieve the size, shape, and contour of the breasts that you desire. Women who desire larger, more aesthetically pleasing breasts may choose to obtain either silicone or saline implants to satisfy their needs. If, however, something goes wrong with the implant or you want to make some changes, a breast revision surgery is done.


There are times when undergoing a breast augmentation may not go exactly as planned and a breast revision surgery might be in order. Breast revision surgery is a procedure that is used to correct and/or reverse any defects that might have occurred after undergoing a breast augmentation or reconstructive surgery.

Breast revision surgery can give you a second chance at obtaining beautiful breasts by correcting any mistakes that may have occurred in the first breast augmentation surgery. A breast revision surgery will correct complications with silicone and saline breast implants and reverse any defects that happened after undergoing the first breast surgery.

A breast revision will help solve the following:

• Leaking silicone or saline implants confirmed through an X-ray or MRI
• Deflation of implants
• Change the implant size if you aren’t pleased with the final results
• Correction of breast tissue that has altered due to weight gain or loss or stretching of the skin after getting implants put in
• Shifting position of breast implants and the tightening of the skin and scar tissue around the breast implant


• Breast Revision Surgery will help you achieve attractive contours, breast shape, and a more youthful breast appearance.
• It can help correct medical defects that can be a huge danger to the health of the patient as well as correct aesthetic defects from the first breast augmentation surgery.
• It allows you to change the size and shape of your implants if you aren’t satisfied with the results.
• It can help improve breast symmetry, shape, and structure.
• It can provide more lift, make them firmer, rounder, and more appealing.

You are an ideal candidate for breast revision surgery if:

• You have deflated implants or flat breasts due to bursting or leakage of implants after the first surgery.
• You are in good health and don’t smoke.
• You wish to achieve perfect breast shape, size, contour, structure, and symmetry.
• You want to have your breast implants removed permanently.
• You have problems with the placement of the nipple and areola after the first breast surgery.
• You have hardened scar tissue due to capsular contracture after the primary breast surgery.
• You feel that your implants are unevenly placed and feel and look uncomfortable.
• You lost or put on too much weight after the first surgery that has affected or altered the appearance and placement of your breast implants.
• Pregnancy and breastfeeding have altered the shape of your breasts and the appearance and placement of your breast implants.
• You have problems with breast tissue surrounding the implants inserted during the first surgery.


Contact us to schedule a consultation for a breast revision procedure. If you’re not satisfied with the results obtained from your previous breast augmentation, you can get a second chance of having beautiful breasts with help from Dr. Steven Bloch, a board-certified plastic surgeon.

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