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Botox – Reverse The Signs Of Facial Aging Without Surgery

Botulinum toxin popularly known as Botox is commonly used in the cosmetic industry for the treatment of facial wrinkles. This treatment is effective and less invasive. Botox is non-surgical as it is injected on particular muscles of the face to slow down the effects of aging. The treatment can be used to treat crow’s feet, forehead lines, frown lines and skin bands on the neck. Botox injection is one of the many non-invasive cosmetic procedures that Dr. Bloch performs at his accredited facility Body by Bloch.

How does Botox work?

Treatment with Botox requires no use of anesthesia as is the case with invasive facial procedures. To optimize Botox effectiveness, Dr. Bloch will choose particular facial muscles to inject a few shots of Botulinum toxin. A thin needle is used to inject Botox under the skin. Muscles beneath the wrinkles will relax or weaken and thus slowdown further wrinkling. The number of injections used will depend on the extent of your wrinkle and your facial features. Botox injection takes less than 15 minutes and has no downtime.


The most common side effects are:

Drooping eyelid that may last a short time.



Other side effects include flu-like symptoms, nausea, temporary facial pain, redness at the injection site, reduced blinking, and weakness in the muscles of the face. In extreme cases, this muscle weakness can limit your facial expressions. In rare cases, a sore may develop on the white of the eye (corneal ulceration).

Very serious problems can happen if the botulinum toxin spreads from where it was injected. It may cause dangerous swallowing and breathing problems. These problems can happen hours to weeks after the injection and can cause death. The risk is greatest in children who are being treated for muscle spasticity in their necks. But adults who already have swallowing or breathing problems are also at risk for problems from a Botox injection.

The risks of repeated Botox injections are not known.

How are Botox results like?

Botox starts working after 48 hours, but its effects will start being evident after 5 to 10 days following treatment. The result is a soft, smooth and healthy looking skin free of wrinkles, folds or fine lines. These results will continue to improve and will last for 4 to 6 months after which you can have repeat injections as your aesthetician advises. Future injection sessions will become lesser and lesser as your muscles will not contract often. Dr. Bloch will give you post-treatment instructions that include watching for dangerous signs on your face as well as in your general health. You should immediately report to your doctor if you notice any signs of danger affecting your immune system. Aging will eventually crop in, but good facial care will prolong your results.

Will insurance pay for Botox?

Insurance coverage varies for Botox injections, depending largely on the medical necessity of your condition. Botox is not generally covered by insurance when used for cosmetic purposes. Check with your insurance carrier for coverage details.

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