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Artefill Injections – Cosmetic Rejuvenation

An FDA-approved non-absorbable wrinkle filler is available to help fight the signs of aging and fill deep creases on the face. This incredible new wrinkle filler is called Artefill. With Artefill injections, you can achieve a vibrant, youthful appearance.

Artefill is applied via injection and is composed of PMMA microspheres, purified bovine collagen gel and anesthetic. These ingredients provide a comfortable, effective cosmetic filer that corrects deep smile lines and provides long-lasting wrinkle filling. The key ingredient is the microsphere-enhanced collagen, which provide support to skin structures for a fuller, perkier appearance.

Speak with Dr. Steven Bloch to learn more about the excellent anti-aging results you can achieve with Artefill injections.

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