Are You A Candidate for Cheek Implants In Glenview?

As we age, our cheeks lose volume and sometimes begin to sag. This can lead to a loss of self-confidence. At Body By Bloch, we specialize in cheek augmentation because we believe everyone should be happy with their appearance. Keep reading to discover if you are a good candidate for cheek implants in Glenview.

What Are Cheek Implants In Glenview?

Cheek implants in Glenview are used to enhance the projection of the cheekbones. These are hard implants that add volume to recessed or flat areas of the cheek. Some patients prefer to use autologous fat transfer for their cheek implants. This is when fat is removed from a patient’s body, such as the buttocks or lower abdomen, and transferred to add volume to the cheeks instead of an artificial implant.

Benefits of Cheek Implants in Glenview

Cheek implants in Glenview, in most cases, are more beneficial to patients undergoing cheek augmentation because the results are much more predictable. When you have fat transferred to increase the volume of your cheeks, your body may metabolize some of that fat. In that case, the results of your procedure may not be as pronounced as you would like and you may need a follow-up procedure to graft and transfer more fat.

Am I a Good Candidate?

To determine if you are a good candidate for cheek implants in Glenview, you will need to come in for an initial consultation to be evaluated. Our staff will evaluate your health, facial structure, skin condition, and your specific goals. In general, you may be a good candidate for cheek augmentation if you:

Questions to Ask

During your initial consultation, it is important to ask certain questions to make sure you will get the highest quality of care possible and the best possible results. Here are some helpful questions to ask:

Schedule Your Initial Consultation Today

Cheek implants in Glenview used to augment the cheeks could be life-changing if you are self-conscious about your cheeks. Contact the experts at Body By Bloch in Glenview, IL to schedule your initial consultation!

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