All About Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast reduction is not always sought out by just women. Some men with conditions such as gynecomastia also need breast reduction surgery. Like any other surgery, breast reduction surgery has its complications, risks and definitely benefits.

During the Consultation

When you decide to use this method to reduce your breasts, you must first consult a surgeon. In the consultation room, the surgeon will ask about your medical history as well as you’re families medical history and if you have had any previous complication with your breasts? This information will help the surgeon determine if the surgery is a viable option. Most surgeons feel the need to discuss with their patient how their breasts affect their emotional behavior and also how their breasts affect them physically.

Preparation of the surgery

You need to be in good health condition before the surgery. This is important for your recovery. It is important to follow the surgeon’s instructions to the letter. The following things are important to have at home after the surgery;

The Surgery

The surgeon will then measure your breasts. Some may even take pictures. The next step is to discuss how much breast tissue needs to be done away with to achieve good results. The surgeon then gives directions on how to prepare for your surgery if the surgery is viable. If the surgery is not viable, he/she tells you the pros and cons of other methods that may be viable for you. The surgeon will also talk about the recovery process and caution you on activities that would complicate the process of recovery.

A breast exam is essential before the surgery. Surgeons require knowing if you abuse drugs such as marijuana. They are also eager to know if you are under any other medication. Before and after the surgery, the surgeon will require you to stop smoking and any other kind of drug or substance abuse. Some medications such as those containing aspirin are prohibited.

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