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Steven Bloch, MD

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon located in Highland Park, IL

Sagging skin that often occurs with aging might make you look older than you’d like. If signs of aging bother you, Steven Bloch, MD, a board-certified plastic surgeon, can help at Body By Bloch in Highland Park, Illinois. He completes facelifts using advanced technology and surgical procedures to give you a youthful-looking appearance with minimal downtime. Schedule a facelift consultation with Body By Bloch over the phone or online today.

Facelift Q & A

What is a facelift?

A facelift, also known as rhytidectomy, is a surgical procedure that improves the overall appearance of your face by making it:

  • Brighter
  • Healthier-looking
  • Appear younger
  • Lifted
  • Less wrinkled
  • Tighter

Dr. Bloch has many years of experience completing facelifts, helping patients achieve their aesthetic goals and gain self-confidence.

Is a facelift right for me?

To find out if a facelift is the right procedure for you, Dr. Bloch reviews your medical history and completes a physical exam. He asks you about medications you’re taking and goes over your aesthetic expectations. If you have skin that’s loose, sagging, asymmetrical, or wrinkled, a facelift might be the solution for you.

How should I prepare for surgery?

To prepare for a facelift, follow Dr. Bloch’s pre-surgery instructions. Stop taking certain medications, don’t smoke, and avoid eating after midnight the night before your procedure. Arrange for someone to drive you home and stay with you the night of surgery.

What should I expect during a facelift?

Just before a facelift, you get general anesthesia or local anesthesia with sedation. Dr. Bloch makes an incision and removes or repositions loose skin. 

He can tighten facial muscles to achieve optimal rejuvenation and enhance your results. The procedure might take two to four hours, but every patient is different. At the end of your surgery, Dr. Bloch closes the incision site with stitches. Facelifts are simple procedures but highly effective.

What happens during my recovery?

After a facelift, you go to a recovery room where surgical staff monitors you for complications. You can go home the day of surgery, but have a friend or family member drive you home.

You might experience tenderness, incision drainage, numbness, bruising, or swelling. Follow Dr. Bloch’s post-surgical instructions. Get plenty of rest with your head elevated while you recover. Take medications as prescribed and apply ice to the treatment area to reduce swelling. 

Protect your skin from the sun and keep the incision sites clean. Contact Body By Bloch if you experience worsening pain or signs of infection. Attend all follow-up appointments.

Don’t live with sagging skin, wrinkles, and other signs of aging that negatively affect your self-esteem. Schedule a facelift consultation with Body By Bloch over the phone or online today.