Nose Surgery


One of the most common of all cosmetic procedures is nose surgery also known as rhinoplasty, it can improve your appearance and facial proportion as well as correct birth defects, injuries, and relieve breathing problems. If the procedure corrects a breathing problem or a marked deformity, a portion of the cost may be reimbursable by your insurance.

What to expect

Incisions are made inside the nostrils or at the base of the nose. The skin is separated from the supporting bone and cartilage, which is then sculpted to the desired shape. The hump is removed, the nasal bones are brought together to form a narrower bridge, and cartilage is trimmed or added to reshape the tip of the nose. Finally, the skin is re-draped over the new framework.

What to expect after surgery?

When completed, a splint will be applied for 1 week to help your nose maintain its new shape. The patient will have a smaller, straighter bridge, well defined nasal tip, and an improved angle between the nose and upper lip.

Dr. Bloch will give you specific guidelines for gradually resuming your normal activities. He will schedule frequent follow-up visits in the months after to check on the progress of your healing.

Schedule Your Consultation at our Office

For men and women in that are interested in getting rhinoplasty, Dr. Bloch offers a consultation at his Highland Park office but he has many patients that come from Chicago, Lake Forest, Highland Park, Glenview, Glencoe, Wilmette, Lake Forest, Winnetka, Deerfield and North Shore areas. His offices are located not far from city, for more information, click to schedule your consultation or call us at 1-847-686-3183.

More about Dr. Steven Bloch

Dr. Bloch is a board-certified plastic surgeon that has more than 30 years experience in the cosmetic field. In addition to offering rhinoplasty, he offers a facelift as well as a chin augmentation or cheek implants. Dr. Bloch is a renowned surgeon and facial plastic surgery specialist, that also specializes in a forehead lift or eyelid lift. To learn more about this procedure, or another one call Body by Bloch.


With the Vectra 3D Imaging System you are able to see detailed 3-dimensional results of your cosmetic surgery procedure before it even happens. Using your digital photos, this valuable tool can help determine which techniques and what degree of change will best serve your needs. It gives us a realistic 3-dimensional glimpse of how a procedure could change your appearance.


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