Forehead Lift


Forehead lift also known as a browlift or browplasty is a surgical procedure performed to help reduce wrinkling and furrowing of the skin on the forehead. It also helps to correct the shape of eyebrows that sag due to the natural aging process. A forehead lift may also be done in the younger patients to correct a low brow or deep frown lines.

The face usually shows the first visible signs of aging. Gravity and changes in eyebrow shape and position results in the brow area looking aged or angry. There are many different variations of Browplasty to reshape the brows and improve their position.

About this procedure

The forehead lift surgery is effective in improving the appearance of the upper third of the face. As many people age, their eyebrows start dropping, and frown lines develop to make them look as if they are angry or anxious. These aging signs develop as tissues and muscles in the area around the eyes loosen. Wrinkles and deep furrows are some of the most common aging signs. Dr. Bloch is a board certified plastic surgeon who performs this procedure sometimes combined with blepharoplasty or a facelift to reduce or eliminate all those aging signs on your forehead and around the eyes.

Who is a good candidate?

Many candidates are between the ages of 40 to 60. But other candidates may be younger than that if they have developed deep frown lines due to other factors like stress and heredity. Some people inherit very heavy and low brows, may age prematurely as a result of sun exposure or heavy smoking that affects their facial skin. Some may become candidates for this procedure when they are still in their mid-30s. Good physical health and being a non-smoker, therefore, makes a good candidate too. It is also important to have a positive attitude and realistic expectations. Dr. Bloch will confirm your candidacy before performing your forehead surgery to make sure you get the best possible results in the lowest risks.

The surgery

The Brow Lift continues to evolve. Over the years, the procedure has changed from the open technique to the minimally invasive more complex short incision and endoscopic techniques. It usually involves small incisions in the hair-bearing scalp. The scalp is freed; the brow is repositioned and re-anchored to the bone.


After surgery, Dr. Bloch provides the specific instructions you must follow in taking care of the surgical sites to promote faster recovery. Medication is prescribed to reduce pain and infection risks. You will, however, need a longer recovery period and experience more pain, swelling and bruising after the traditional forehead lift than after the endoscopic lift.

If you’re looking to get rid of your forehead wrinkles or another facial surgery, you can book a consultation with Dr. Bloch. Our office is conveniently located for residents of North Shore, Glencoe, Wilmette, Lake Forest, Winnetka, Lincolnshire, Deerfield and surrounding areas in the Chicago metro area. For more information on getting this procedure contact us at 1-847-686-3183.


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