Are you dealing with signs of aging on your facial skin? If so, a facelift may be just what you’ve been looking for to achieve your aesthetic goals! A facelift, also known as rhytidectomy, is a standard surgical procedure used to improve the overall appearance of the face and give it a brighter, healthier, more youthful look.

Dr. Steven Bloch, founder of Body by Bloch in Glenview and Highland Park, has many years of experience in helping patients just like you reclaim a younger appearance. Our use of the latest advances in plastic surgery technology helps to make our procedures smooth, efficient and effective. We invite you to contact us today to find out how a facelift can restore your youthful appearance.

About the Procedure

A facelift is a very simple and straightforward procedure. It is a highly-effective method of turning back the effects of time. In the initial consultation, we will assess just how much we can do to give you a more rejuvenated appearance and what you can do to prepare for the procedure. We will also make sure to go through the details of the procedure with you.

During a facelift, Dr. Bloch can remove or reposition excess skin. The facial muscles can also be tightened during this procedure for a smooth, youthful-looking appearance. The overall result is a naturally-rejuvenated, more vibrant face with fewer signs of aging.

What Can a Facelift Address?

A facelift can improve multiple aspects of your appearance to enhance your overall look. For example, a facelift can raise loose skin on the cheeks and reduce excess fat deposits that may create the appearance of weight around the lower jaw and nearby areas.

Enjoying the Results

Many patients report feeling years younger after a facelift procedure. Of course, the results will vary from patient to patient. Dr. Bloch would be more than happy to speak with you and provide you with realistic expectations regarding the procedure and the results.

Who is a Candidate?

If you are concerned with changes in your appearance caused by signs of aging, then facelift surgery could well be the answer. During a consultation with our expert surgeon at Body by Bloch, you can find out whether or not this procedure is right for you. Contact us today to schedule your consultation at our office in Glenview or Highland Park, IL!


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