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Chin augmentation is a procedure performed to help improve the appearance of a receding chin using various techniques such as the use of prosthetic implants or manipulation of the jaw bone for more dramatic results.

Often done in conjunction with rhinoplasty, a receding chin can be strengthened by inserting a plastic implant or by moving the chin bone forward, making the chin fuller and strengthening person profile. The incisions to insert the implant may be made in the mouth or on the underside of the chin.

About this procedure
Facial balance can be achieved through chin augmentation procedure that is often combined with rhinoplasty or nose surgery. Dr. Bloch at is a board certified plastic surgeon who can perform this procedure successfully using chin implants or techniques that modify the jaw bone to improve your facial profile. The reduction or addition of material to the chin is technically known as mentoplasty or genioplasty. Chin augmentation definitely is about increasing the size or height of the chin if it appears to be receding and therefore not in proportion with other facial features.

Who is a good candidate?

The best chin augmentation candidates are people that have either a weak chin or a receding chin, a condition known as microgenia, as long as their bite is normal. It is important to realize that this procedure can only improve your looks but cannot make them perfect. You must, therefore, have a positive outlook and realistic expectations. A good candidate will also need to be in good health and non-smoker. Dr. Bloch will discuss with your all the aspects of the surgery and possible risks to make sure you are well prepared for the surgery.

The surgery

Chin augmentation surgery is usually performed while the patient is placed under general anesthesia or local anesthesia. The doctor is guided by the x-rays of the chin and the face taken before to know how best the procedure should be performed to achieve the desired improvement. If a chin implant is required, an incision is made either inside the mouth or under the chin to create a pocket just in front of the chin bone. The implant is then inserted and attached to the bone with screws. If no implant is required, the surgeon may need to make a cut on the jaw bone then move it before screwing it in place. The incision is closed with sutures then bandaging is properly applied.


After the chin augmentation surgery, you can expect a little discomfort but medication can be used to control it. Chewing should be avoided and liquid or soft diet used for the first few days. Dr. Bloch will give more specific instruction for the aftercare to help speed your recovery. Many patients will return to their work after a week to 10 days.

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