Breast Revision


Breast revision is a breast surgery that is also known as implant replacement. This is the removal and replacement of silicone or saline filled implants. Implant removal may however not necessitate a replacement. Removal and replacement of implants are normally done to change the type of implant or size for a perkier and youthful breast contour. Implants may also be removed if they are posing complications affecting one’s lifestyle or health. You can also consider the procedure too if you have capsular contracture (tightening and hardening of scar surrounding implant), your breast tissue has changed due to a change in body weight, MRI screening hints that your silicone implant has a leak or if an X-ray shows that your implant has deflated. A board-certified plastic surgeon can safely perform the correctional breast surgery to minimize the possibility of future revisions.

About the procedure

Breast revision surgery is normally done under general anesthesia. You may need to stay in the hospital for 1 to 3 days after surgery. The surgery takes 2 to 6 hours. Once in the operating room, you will be given anesthesia. Your surgeon then cuts open your breast augmentation scar to remove the old implant. Previous incision lines are used to avoid creating more scars after recovery. Your surgeon may, however, have to make more incisions in the removal and placement of the new implant. The new implant may be placed under or over the chest muscle. Change in breast implant size requires extension or reduction of the breast pocket initially used. This is done by surgically enlarging the incision or reducing its length by use of stitches. Permanent removal of implant involves removal of the surrounding capsule to hasten recovery. After breast replacement or removal, incisions are sutured. Drains are also placed and gauze placed over the breasts.

Am I a good candidate?

Breast augmentation patients may need some changes at some point in life which can be treated with breast revision. Ideal implant replacement candidates are those:

  • In good general health
  • Who don’t smoke
  • Wishing to improve problems with the implants and surrounding breast tissue
  • Wishing to change their breast size, shape or asymmetry
  • Wishing to improve breast appearance after body weight changes, breastfeeding or pregnancy
  • Wishing to have additional breast procedures like a breast lift

Dr. Bloch highly regards patients with realistic expectations and a positive attitude towards the procedure.

Are there any risks with this procedure?

Breast revision has possible risks and complications that should be discussed during your consultation. These include:

  • Anesthesia reactions
  • Infection
  • bleeding
  • Scarring
  • Changes in sensation
  • Undesired outcome that may require additional procedures

Following the instructions given by your plastic surgeon before and after surgery can minimize most of these risks.

How is breast recovery like?

You will experience breast pain after breast revision, but prescribed pain medication will relieve your discomfort. Swelling and breast hardness will also persist but will go away after some weeks. You need to minimize elevating your arms higher than the armpit level to prevent tissue stretching and rupture. Drains and bandages will be removed within 2 to 3 days while stitches will be removed within 7 to 10 days. You can resume work after two weeks or as your surgeon advises. You, however, need to avoid all strenuous activities for 6 to 8 weeks following surgery or more. Wearing a surgical bra will give your breasts support and quicken healing.

After the surgery

Breast revision scars will remain pink for several weeks but will fade with time though they will not disappear completely. Your new breast contour will be more defined after recovery. The new contour is, however, prone to natural aging, gravity, pregnancy and weight gain or loss. Though implant replacement results are long-lasting, follow-up with Dr. Bloch will ensure that your implants are not posing any health risks or other complications.

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