Breast Reduction


breast reduction is a surgical procedure designed to reduce the size of large pendulous breasts that are disproportionate to a women’s body and can cause physical pain. Which can include pain in the shoulders, back, and lower back? A larger bust can give you improper posture and can make your brassiere straps dig into your shoulders or interfere with your normal activities. Typically, the desired result is smaller, a better-shaped bust that is proportioned to the rest of your body.

Performed by board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Bloch, this surgical procedure is to reduce the size and recontour a larger bust. By having this procedure in the Chicagoland area performed, you can expect to experience a higher level of comfort with physical activity, you will gain relief from the weight pain that large breasts can produce, as well as just simply reduce the overall appearance of the individual! Since a breast reduction procedure is usually performed for the relief of physical discomfort, the surgeon’s fees and other costs may be partially or even fully aided by your insurance carrier.

Who is a good candidate?

Here are some reasons why you might consider getting this procedure:

  • Are you self-conscious about your size?
  • Do you have skin discoloration or a rash under your bust?
  • Does your bra straps dig in and leave a mark on your shoulders?
  • Does your back or neck hurt due to the weight of a larger chest?
  • Do you hunch over and have poor posture
  • Is your chest heavy and do your nipples point down?
  • Is your bust tissue that is too big for your body size?
  • Do you have difficulty engaging in physical activity due to your size?

Does Insurance Cover this procedure?

Since this procedure is usually performed for the relief of physical discomfort, the surgeon’s fees and other costs may be partially or even fully aided by your insurance carrier.

During your consultation, with Dr. Bloch M.D. he will discuss your insurance options with you to determine what your insurance will or will not cover and will also provide documentation outlining your need for the breast reduction procedure and what the expected prognosis would be without it. Providing a letter of predetermination to your insurance company will give you an idea of what will be covered under your policy.

The Procedure

The surgical procedure involves removing excess bust tissue and skin, repositioning the nipple and areola (the pink skin around the nipple) and reshaping and contouring the remaining breast tissue. Since incisions are made around and below the nipple, scars should not be noticeable even in low-cut clothing.

Breast Reduction Recovery

Following surgery, a gauze dressing may be applied to the chest, or the patient may be placed in a surgical brassiere. Since no two are the same size and shape before surgery, usually a slight variation will exist after surgery. Adjustments can be made on the opposite breast to make the overall result of surgery as symmetrical as possible.

Excessive exercise and overhead lifting should be avoided for several weeks after surgery. The decision on when to return to work and normal activities depends on has fast you heal and how you feel.

The Next Step

If you live in the Chicago metro area or surrounding areas such as Lincolnshire, Wilmette, Winnetka, Deerfield, Lake Forest, North Shore, Glencoe, or other towns and would like to learn more about getting implants, contact Dr. Bloch by calling Body by Bloch at (847) 686-3183 to schedule your visit.

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