Am I a good candidate for the miraDry® procedure?
If embarrassing underarm sweat outbreaks, stained clothing or constant antiperspirant application are a part of your life, then you may be a good candidate for the miraDry® procedure. Clinical studies performed by leading physicians have demonstrated dramatic and consistent results, even in patients with severe underarm sweating. Talk to a miraDry® certified physician to see if the miraDry® procedure is right for you.

What results can I expect?
As with any medical procedure, results will vary by person. You should notice a reduction in sweat immediately after the procedure. In a clinical study, virtually all the subjects treated with the miraDry® procedure achieved some reduction in sweat. The majority of subjects saw a significant reduction.

How long can I expect the results to last?
In clinical studies, patients continued to show a dramatic reduction of sweat when tracked 12 months after the procedure. Published scientific research demonstrates that sweat glands do not come back or regenerate once they have been eliminated.

What is the recovery like?
Immediately following the procedure, your physician will likely recommend a mild pain medication and ice for a few days to minimize the discomfort. You should be able to return to work on the same day, and you can typically resume exercise within several days. Localized soreness or swelling is typical, which usually clears within a few weeks.

What parts of my body can the miraDry® procedure treat?
The miraDry® procedure is indicated for use of treatment of primary axillary (underarm) hyperhidrosis in adults 18 and over. It cannot be used to treat hyperhidrosis elsewhere on the body, including the hands and feet.

Will my body still be able to safely cool itself after the procedure?
Your body contains over 4 million sweat glands, with only about 2% located in the underarms. The elimination of this 2% will not affect the body’s ability to cool itself. In this regard, the effect of this procedure is not significantly different than anti-perspirants that suppress sweating when applied daily.

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