Breast Augmentation

Presently there are two types of Implants – Saline or Silicone – and various styles. As part of your consultation Dr. Bloch will discuss these options and advise you on what’s most appropriate for your body. Dr. Bloch can update you on all the options available and answer any questions.Swelling or discoloration will occur but will soon disappear.

Breast Lift

Over the course of time, factors such as pregnancy, nursing and the force of gravity take their toll on a woman’s breast. As skin loses its elasticity, the breasts often lose their shape and firmness and begin to sag. The breast lift is a surgical procedure that Chicago breast expert Dr. Bloch performs to raise and reshape sagging breasts. – See more at:

Who Performs the Top Boob Job In Chicago

Deciding to get a procedure like breast surgery is often one that people look back on fondly, feeling that the procedure had many benefits for their life. People who get a boob job often experience a boost in self-confidence, as if their body is more in line with their self-perception; they also find that their body is more proportionate and symmetrical.

Types of Boob Jobs

There are many types of boob jobs, to reflect the many types of issues that women may face with their breasts, and the many types of preferences and needs they have when approaching surgery. The main three potential goals of breast surgery are to increase the size of the breasts, lift the breasts, or decrease the size of the breasts.


These goals are not necessarily mutually exclusive. For example, a patient with small, saggy breasts may choose to get a breast lift with implants, while breast reduction normally involves reshaping as well as reducing the breasts.

Within each type of surgery, patients have to make several choices on issues like incision location, type of implants, and how much smaller or bigger the breasts should be.

Importance of a Great Surgeon

Your surgeon is responsible for walking you through the many choices associated with your breast surgery. This process involves great communication between the doctor and the client, since the decisions are so numerous and long-lasting. A doctor with great bedside manner, who respects your goals and concerns while providing his expertise, can help you feel more confident in your decisions.

The quality of your surgeon also makes a huge difference in the operating room. Surgery is an art and a science. Your doctor must perform the procedure with exacting precision, preserving your body and keeping you safe from harm. At the same time, he or she must have the ability to see what the final results of the work they’re performing will be, giving beautiful results.

Body by Bloch

The best doctor for a boob job in Chicago is Dr. Steven Bloch, who has earned recognition for his cosmetic work not just in Chicago but all over the world. Dr. Bloch provides high-quality breast surgery to patients with many diverse needs and goals. His specialities include breast augmentation, breast lift, and both female and male breast reduction.

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How Should I Choose a Doctor For My Boob Job

Getting breast surgery can be one of the best decisions you make, but it’s also a major decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. When you are choosing someone to place you under anesthesia, open up part of your body, and change the way you look, you want to make sure it’s someone you can trust completely. Below, we’ll explore how to find a great doctor for a boob job in your area.

Identify the “Must-Haves”

Before you start looking at doctors in detail, first identify any key specialties the doctor needs to have or any key resources they must offer. For example, if you are getting a procedure like breast reconstruction or male breast reduction, you want a doctor who specializes in those particular surgeries. In addition, if you are set on having the surgery done with a particular incision or technique, you’ll want to make sure that the doctor you choose offers it.


Look for Key Features

Once you’ve identified the skills your doctor needs to have, you can start looking for more general qualities. Your doctor should:

  • Be experienced – Few people feel comfortable entrusting their appearance to a newcomer
  • Be board-certified – Board certification ensures that the doctor has proved his training and expertise
  • Have great before and after photos – Looking at photos of past patients is the best way to get an idea of the type of results you might get
  • Have great bedside manner – You’ll have to communicate a lot with your doctor before and after surgery; in addition, a doctor who inspires confidence and trust will make the process less stressful
  • Use Available Resources

    There are many resources that you can use to find out as much as possible about local doctors before choosing which one you’d like to pursue a consultation with. For example, you can learn about a doctor’s experience and board certification by visiting their website or contacting the state board. You can also look at before and after photos online.

    Finding out what other people say is another key link in the chain. Read online reviews to get an overall picture of what your doctor’s patients tend to experience. If possible, get recommendations from friends and family.

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